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How to Make Subtitle

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Everyone ever watched video using substitle. It makes us easy to understand the movie or video if we watch video in foreign language. Do you want to make substitle by yourself? It is very simple. There are a lot of substitle maker programs.
But, now I will give you a tutorial how to make a substile using Aegisub. Yup, Aegisubs is one of substitle maker that you can use to make a substitle by yourself. 
  1. Download Aegisub pogram here. I used Aegisub 3.0.1 reguler.
  2. After downloading, open aegisub. 
  3. Now, click VIDEOS to open your videos which will be given subtitle
  4. After open your video, now choose Audio to open the audio of your video. It is to make you easier to edit your subtitle,
  5. Then, you can customize the text to make your subs interesting. You can create your own text style. First open subtitle, then click style manager. After that, the dialog box will open (picture below). Click NEW to create your text style.
    Then, type the style name. Choosing the font, colours, an alignment of your subs text. Alignment is used to set the position of your subtitle in the video.
    Click APPLY. Click your style in the storage column. and then click copy to current script. 
    After your style is in current script colomn, click close. It means that you can use your style to make your subtitle.
  6. Then, you are ready to create the subtitle.
  • First, choose your style that you have made (below the audio box).  
  • Second, set the start and end time to set when the subs appearing on your video. You can play the video to ensure that you set the right time and duration.
  • Then, write the subtitle / text in the writing dialog (see picture above). You can type \N to enter the text.
  • After that, press ENTER to make a new line.
After finishing your project, save your file. Clck File, then Save as. The type of the sub is .ass. Now, your subtitle is done. The step stops here if you just want to make soft sub. It means that you can still edit the sub, and the sub is not attached in your video.

To make a hardsub you can see the step here.

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